Osborn Sloan and Associates (OSA) was formed in 2000 by Sue Sloan and Richard Osborn, both experienced clinicians in their fields of Occupational Therapy, Clinical Neuropsychology and Audiology.

Our Values




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Brain Injury Education and Mentoring

Sue Sloan provides training in acquired brain injury (ABI) in the following topic areas:

•    Understanding ABI
•    Managing challenging behaviours / behaviours of concern
•    Managing executive and cognitive impairment
•    Rebuilding life role participation following ABI
•    Developing social communication skills

On-line courses are available through Sue’s Teachable site, Therapeutic Behaviour below or
webinars customised to your needs.

We encourage you to join our mailing list to be notified of courses as they become available.

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Business Basics for Health Professionals

Sue Sloan provides webinars and supervision to allied health professionals seeking to set up and manage their own private practice. Please email Sue to discuss your needs. In early 2022 Sue published the 3rd Edition of “Business Basics for Health Professionals – A practical guide to establishing and growing a private practice” as an eBook, co-authored with Jane Dwyer.
/ Richard Osborn


Richard Osborn provides comprehensive hearing assessments and hearing aid prescription / fittings for adults.

Audiology assessments are conducted at our consulting rooms in Kew. Home visiting services are also provided for older clients unable to travel.

The most up-to-date hearing aid technology from a range of manufacturers is offered and tailored to meet individual needs.

When hearing aids are indicated, the most appropriate aid is offered for a two-month trial before clients decide whether to proceed with purchase.

Excellent follow-up services are provided to ensure people obtain optimal benefit from their hearing aids.